Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Problem With Donald Trump is Not Donald Trump

The problem with Donald Trump is not Donald Trump. It's not that he is something new, something that is uniquely problematic, or something without which we would somehow, "be all right." That would be nice.

He has some problems. He is who we thought he was though. He hasn't changed for the worse lately. He's being who he is. And we are being who we are. And that is why he was chosen as the Republican nominee.

The problem with Donald Trump is the same problem with us.

If Donald Trump were unique that would be great. That would mean that he was worse than us and that we were better than him. But that's just it, there is a sense in which he isn't worse than us. Clearly we didn't say THAT or do THAT so there is also a way which perhaps he is worse than us in the sense of comparative righteousness.

But in an absolute sense there is no difference.

He exhibits the traits of a son of Adam. The problem is in his heart. The problem is in his mind. The problem is in the hearts and minds who vote for him. And his opponent.

Shall God give us what we deserve? Trump vs. Hillary: may God have mercy on us all!

Can we get a little less bloodshed? Can we chip away at the millions of murders of babies? I was hopeful. So I will hold my nose and vote against genocide. I will hold my nose and vote for the Supreme Court.

There is a basket with a leaden lid and in the basket was a woman. And the lid was lifted and the woman was pulled out. The woman was evil. And the angel put the woman back in the basket and closed the lid and took her away.

The mysteries of the Lord's providence are on display. May we humbly pray and speak words of gentleness and peace to those around us. May we render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. 

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