Friday, August 22, 2014

What is Existenstialism?

Extracts from: ‘How Should We Then Live?’ by Francis A. Schaeffer

A good explanation of Existentialism:

“… Kierkegaardianism did bring to full tide the notion that reason will always lead to pessimism.  That is, one must try to find optimistic answers in regard to meaning and values on an “upper level” outside of reason.  Through a “leap of faith” one must try to find meaning without reason.

You will remember that in the High Renaissance, humanistic man, starting only from himself, had problems concerning the meaning or value of things and of absolutes for morals.  With Rousseau it became an AUTONOMOUS FREEDOM / AUTONOMOUS NATURE problem.  With Kant it was NOUMENAL WORLD / PHENOMENAL WORLD.  With Kierkegaardianism it went a step further and now became:


So optimism will now always be in the area of non-reason.”  Pg 163

“This (dichotomy) is the mark of modern man.” Parenthesis mine, Pg 164