Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life (Under the Sun) Is Meaningless: Now What?

Hofburg Imperial Palace

I am increasingly aware that life is meaningless. That may seem like a really dour or depressing thing to say. But it really doesn't have to be. And importantly it is true. Not every true statement is the most exciting thing to hear - such as "death is inevitable" or "you must pay your taxes." But thinking about the meaninglessness of life doesn't have to be bad! It can actually lead to finding true meaning!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Are You Working Too Little?

There is a huge temptation to work too much and make work one's idol.  This is true. But on the other hand many of us are tempted to work too little and to be lazy. This is a great problem in society.  With all of the welfare programs and the failure of society to emphasize personal responsibility we have created an entire class of lazy citizens who rely on welfare.

This doesn't mean that everyone on welfare is lazy! That is not the point. But there are certainly a sub-set of welfare recipients who have become lazy and feel no motivation to work.

Many people I know are tempted to be lazy but not that lazy.  There is a temptation to coast and to merely do enough to get by. This can come from a fundamental misunderstanding of one's motivation to work. Many have the welfare mentality but are just too embarrassed to go on it or have found a way to get paid enough while still being lazy to avoid it.

Here are a couple things that can motivate you to be lazy: