Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Should the Human Race Continue?

Extracts from: ‘How Should We Then Live?’ by Francis A. Schaeffer

A great quote

The final chapter of "How Should We Then Live?" is entitled “Manipulation and the New Elite."  It discusses futurism and some philosophies of man based on biology.  These extreme materialistic ideas lead to the desire to manipulate DNA and decide who should have children, who should not, and how many children should be produced.  This also leads to the idea of chemically controlling aggression in world leaders.  The following passage summarizes this section:

“In the light of this discussion about social manipulation, three questions arise.  First, who will control the controllers?  Second, what will happen now that people have no boundary condition indicating what they should do in contrast to what they can do?  Third, if mankind is only what modern people say it is, why does man’s biological continuation have value?”

Good question.  Thank God for the meaning we find in Christ.

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