Friday, November 2, 2012


According to the purpose of Him
Who works all things according
To the counsel of His will

We were predestined as sons
Before the foundation of the world
That we should be Holy and blameless
Before Him

Holy and blameless
We will be like stars in the heaven
Burning bright forever in the night
What shall we be? You and I?
Accelerating light forever - infinitely?
The sound of our music echoes
Off the universe: Eternal Cathedral

We will be with Him.  The Power,
The might, the shining light who removed
The darkness of sin with His glory
Radiating out and up and around us
In our new existence of brilliance
Pure energy, kinetic, electric, Super-atomic

Particles, waves as we know them
Exploding, imploding – the density
Of the new existence is pure
Weighing down the new mind so heavily
With thoughts from Him, eternity’s light,
Flowing through our minds
From the eternal spring
Glittering diamonds of truth and excitement
With eternity to examine them

The throne is pure beauty only surpassed
By The One sitting upon it and our lips
Sing forth the praises with the twenty-four elders
And the four living creatures repeat the song
As the crowns clatter to the ground, clanging sound
It is the Coronation of the ages
The inheritance is being passed
To the Son at last!

Gather round! Oh Gather ‘round adopted sons!
The firstborn among many brothers
Receives it at last – the fulfillment
Of all things before our eyes

Oh the lights the sounds the creatures
The pure truth and righteousness displayed
For our eyes – for our good with Him
In Him – In Him now existence is fulfilled
And explained and Justice like
The warmth of fire on a cold day envelops us

The only theodicy Ivan, Leibniz, or anyone needs
Is here at last – in Him, the Creator, the all in all
The condescending One above all – Lord of all
Now seated at the right hand of God
With all things under His feet – Finally
Sing with me – I will Bless the LORD!

David’s Son is united with Jacob His beloved
The Father, The Spirit, The Son with us!
Immanuel, God with Us

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