Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Orioles 3 - 2 Yankees ALDS Game 2 - WINNERS

The Oriole Bird was rosin up the bow in the 7th inning stretch.  As we sang a tune from John Denver raucously we wondered how long the dream could last.  I've never understood exactly what being a country boy had to do with Baltimore or baseball - but at that moment none of us cared.  We were just hoping our wonderful game two dream would end well and how it did!

Thanks to some great hitting at the right times and a base running error by Mr. Derek Jeter (sorry his name has to be included here - henceforth it will be the dreaded DJ) we were able to prevail.  I was particularly pleased when the dreaded DJ failed to tag up on a line drive and was called out at second while he stood at third.  Awkward.  I don't think the crowd was louder than that point.  With one exception.
  The final out blew our minds.  It was the bottom of the 9th and Jim Johnson - The Savinator - was on the mound.  I told my buddy, "It is right that they brought him in, you don't go against numbers like that.  Yeah he had a bad night (Sunday) but everyone does.  You just have to let that one go and go right back to him."  And I'm so glad uncle Buck did just did that.  The sound seemed to shake Camden Yards when the simple ground ball from shortstop was thrown in to first.  The series was now tied and we were heading to New York with our heads up and our chests out.

We had some big problems though, there's no hiding that.  J.J. didn't focus on the third base coach and cost us a run.  And we can't let people just dance around us to reach home plate.  Our catcher was rolling around in the dirt like a pig.  I guess he was trying to tag the runner?  We ought to do better than that.  We can not do such things in New York and expect to win. 

But I think we will win because there's just something about this team.  I'm hoping for a great result in New York and perhaps a fortunate Orioles fan will be able to grab a fly ball to create a home run out of nothing.

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