Sunday, October 21, 2012


We arrived home this afternoon and realized that our back door lock was acting up again.  For some reason it gets stuck in place if you apply too much pressure to it.  My father-in-law has already helped us with this issue a couple times.

Here's what happened...
We knew we only had a little bit of time this Sunday afternoon before we had to leave.  Sunday afternoons are always a time where we look forward to taking it easy and being able to take a nap after a long week.  We were hoping to get the kids down for a nap and then taking one ourselves.  Naps are a huge reward when you have three little ones!

Not being able to open the back door would only be a minor inconvenience.  One of us would have to walk to the front of the house and go in and let us in the back.  No problem.  Except for the fact that we locked the storm door.  For some reason the previous owners never gave us a key to this storm door and since we usually don't lock it we haven't bothered to get a key to it.  Yet.

I realized that we'd have to try to use one of our other keys to jiggle the lock of the front door or maybe even come up with a solution for the back one.  But forty-five minutes later we'd made no progress with that.  So I figured we would be able to find a ground level window unlocked.  But we had been too careful and they were all locked as well. 

This is when I began to grab the ladders from my garage.  The first approach I took was to get up on my deck to check our bedroom door and the sliding glass door to the dining room.  Both of them had been carefully secured along with two other windows that look out over our deck.  We spent about five minutes trying to unlock our bedroom door with a credit card, but it is new enough that this didn't work.

As we were working on this I noticed another window that was not accessible from the deck which looked unlocked!  By this time Beth was asking for my phone in order to call a locksmith - but I would have none of it.

Never stand on the top step of a step ladder

At this point I was thankful that we were saving money on a locksmith

Glad I was wearing all black - but I guess that isn't helpful in broad daylight

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