Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christianity, Math, and Science - Lectures

How do recent breakthroughs in Math and Science relate to our faith in God?  Have Math and Science completely debunked all that we've previously learned about God?  Click on the Link below to find out more about an upcoming conference by a noted scholar - I hope to attend and hope to see you there.


John Byl, Ph.D. in Astronomy and winner of a 1999 Templeton Science and Religion Course Award, will be offering a mini-conference on the nature of math and science, worldview and science, and God’s interaction with nature. The focus of the mini-conference will be to help Christians consider the relationship between science and the faith.

The mini-conference will be held at Andover Baptist Church, minutes from BWI, on October 13th, 2012. The address is 1009 Andover Road, Linthicum, MD. The registration fee is $15 for adults and $10 for youth. Childcare will not be provided. A continental breakfast, brown bag lunch, and coffee and snacks are included in the registration fee.

I have personally read some of John Byl's book The Divine Challenge and have found it very helpful.  For instance, Byl points out that from a purely naturalistic point of view, how is it that we can know that abstract concepts such as 2+2=4 are true?  A purely naturalistic view will simply explain that we've evolved to think of these concepts as true in order to help us survive, but they are not necessarily objective truths for universal application. In fact, from this perspective we could say that these concepts do not even exist, they are simply perceived by us in our minds - again to help us survive.  

However, as Christians we would understand such truths, and many more, to have originally been concieved in the mind of God and therefore part of the foundation of the universe that He has created.  He has revealed to us how He has chosen to order the Universe in a limited way so that we can understand objective and abstract truths which govern our existence.  This has interesting implications if we then jump from abstract objective truths about math and science into the realm of philosophy, theology, and morality.  I have found this line of reasoning quite helpful and so have many Christians through the ages.  Byl will likely be enlightening us to many concepts that are not new but will be new to us.

Link explaining some of the concepts discussed above by John Byl himself:

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