Monday, October 1, 2012

Chelsea v FC Nordsjaelland

Tomorrow Chelsea is playing a UEFA Champions League game against some Danish team that no one has heard of.  But don't worry, these types of group games can be very exciting. 
Think about it, you've got a bunch of guys who play for this Danish team who probably play in front of less than 10,000 people a week. They grew up as Chelsea, Man U., Arsenal, or Liverpool fans. They love the English Premier League and wish they could play for a championship team or league 1 team.  This is their chance at the big one.  They'll be running alongside the likes of Fernando Torres, Ashley Cole, Juan Mata, Ivanovic, and the center back who will remain unnamed. This is their one big shot at football greatness.  This could be the game they tell their grandkids about. And that is what could make this game so interesting provided they don't drop to 10 men early on.  I expect they'll be playing their hearts out and Chelsea shouldn't expect to steamroll a strong Danish side - expect them to be strong.  But in the end Chelsea will prevail.  I think this is a win for Chelsea 2-0.  If "FC Ndal;jlajdf" go down to 10 men the score may be higher. Let's hope we see some of Frank Lampard tomorrow.  Partially for the sake giving the Danish players a chance to play with a football legend.

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