Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review - Sunday Evening September 30th 2012

Review of Lord’s Day Evening: September 30th 2012
Pastor Neil Jackson
Revelation 3:19-22

My take on the sermon
Someone yelling out "wrong way!" when you are driving down a one-way street is a very helpful and loving thing to do.  What kind of person would say, "who are they to tell me this is the wrong way?"  Most would simply be thankful and turn around.  This is much like the passage under consideration as the harsh rebuke to the church in Laodicea is a warning to turn from a dangerous path.
- Understand the Love of Jesus

- Respond to the Love of Jesus

1) What does it mean that God loves us? Are there any qualifications? Does it simply mean that in the end everything will work out well for everyone because, after all, God loves us? Not quite.  In this passage we see the tenderness and severity of God
a. Expression of His love: It is a stern rebuke! The somewhat pointed and barbed references to  the city and the character of its inhabitants is very stern.  But this is consistent with other rebukes in scripture and the pain of rebuke is a sign of true and legitimate sonship. As God disciplines us we can be thankful of our adoption into His family.
b. Extent of His love: God is seeking those who are not desirable.  These are self-willed arrogant people and yet he seeks them out and uses a picture of knocking on their door and seeking to dine with them.
2) The love of God is covenantal and obligates God and us to a mutual love. Repentance and faith is our right response to the love of God.

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